Dump Trucks: Courier for Destruction of Environment


Are the trucks supposed to collect garbage from the city and deliver them to the dump sites? What are the trucks doing on the mountains.

Nickel Ore Mining in Surigao, Philippines

While I’m on my way to Carrascal, Surigao del Sur riding a local van, It took my attention when we are about to pass over the mountains. The scenery was like in the dessert, full of dirt and dusts and I can not even see other sign of life aside from small grasses and plants.

From the view where I am sitting, the mountains are like Sahara desserts. Is this what we really want to do with our planet? Change it to something really lifeless. Even if the counterpart of it is innovation and development of people’s lives still its not enough. Stop illegal mining in the Philippines.


Be a Part of the Solar Show Africa 2013

Event Name    : The Solar Show Africa
Event Date      : 9-10 April 2013
Location          : Johannesburg, South Africa

The Solar Show is Africa’s largest solar forum bringing an unequalled level of excellence and abundance of decision makers. It is the only African event that attracts regional and international developers, power producers and utilities, industry, government and large energy users – year after year.

This is Africa’s largest solar forum bringing an unequalled level of excellence and abundance of decision makers. It focuses on everything the energy sector needs to know:

  1. How to implement solar energy strategies
  2. How to finance major solar projects
  3. How to prosper from regulation and legislation
  4. How to source new solutions
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BMW Screensaver that will save the Planet

The world is going green with massive projects and green initiatives, but the small inefficiencies in our daily lives that cause wastage are often ignored; even something as simple as the way we browse the web can have an impact on the energy we use. For example, how much energy would you save if you used Google in black? Blackle.com does just this, and to-date has saved 3,165 kWh of electricity. That’s enough to run every escalator across the London Underground for an hour; just for viewing a website in black.bmw-eco-pro-screensaver-planetoverhaulbmw eco pro planetoverhaul
BMW is pioneering automobile energy savings with a simple belief; that environmental savings can be achieved without compromising driving pleasure. And it’s on the back of this fundamental belief that BMW has partnered with Antics Studios and Naga DDB to create an app that brings a new and unique approach to saving energy right here in Malaysia.

The result is The BMW ECO PRO Screensaver, an app that uses facial recognition to turn your screen off when you’re not at your desk and on again automatically when you return. The effects are dramatic; average energy consumption on an idling laptop can be reduced by 693.99 watts, an 89.97% reduction from the regular default settings on a computer. If every webcam-enabled PC installed the app, annual energy savings could total to 200 million kW, Carbon dioxide emissions could reduce by 36 tonnes, yielding savings of RM 145 million.

Most importantly it allows people to generate cumulative energy savings without making adjustments to your usual habits. The technology does all the work for you.

From computing back to cars, the new app mirrors BMW’s new auto start/stop engine that shuts the engine off when you’ve stopped your car – at say, a red light – and turns back on when you’re ready to go, reducing your energy consumption & carbon footprint.

Check out the BMW Eco Pro Screensaver app now, and contribute to a greener future.


  1. anticsstudios.com
  2. bmw.com.my

3 Tips for Green Home Cleaning

Going green doesn’t have to mean spending huge amounts of money on the latest trends in solar and other alternative energy technologies.  Often, being more green around the house on a daily basis, and on a much smaller scale, can have a huge impact on the environment, as well as your family’s health and financial concerns.  By being more aware of home cleaning products and green living alternatives, you can start helping both the environment and your family right away.  Here are just a few helpful household tips for green cleaning that should get you started down the path to a healthy, green home lifestyle today.

Green Hauling Service
If you just don’t have the time or the proper mode of transportation to get rid of all that junk that’s been piling up in or around your home, consider using a solid green junk hauling service that will come and do the dirty work for you.  Not only do these companies take away your junk for a reasonable price and save you time and energy, they also separate, dispose, and recycle all of your stuff in a totally green manner.  If you’ve got electronic, paper, metal, yard, or general trash waste, they will recycle each accordingly, leaving you knowing that you made not only a great clutter-reducing move, but that you also positively contributed to a cleaner environment in the process.

planet overhaul
Use Non-Toxic Household Cleaners
It’s very easy these days to walk down the aisle of your local grocery store and find a handful of green, non-toxic household cleaners.  These products are not only much less damaging to the environment, they’re also much safer to use in your home for you and your family’s health.  Look for products that boast non-toxic ingredients and packaging that use less material in general.  In addition, go through your home and make sure to dispose of any potentially harmful, toxic cleaners that may be lying around still.  Using all natural drain cleaners is also a particularly good way to ensure safe, green home cleaning.  These cleaners can be made at home using natural household products like salt, baking soda, and vinegar.

Green cleaners for home
Don’t Use Disposable Products
When it comes to the actual act of cleaning household surfaces with green products, make sure you don’t use paper towels or synthetic sponges.  If possible, use natural-fiber rags and towels, and sponges made from recycled materials.  By reusing these cleaning items you can greatly reduce your personal waste levels, and simultaneously save money by not buying disposable products repeatedly.  In addition to rags, towels, and sponges, using multi-use mops and dusters with natural fibers is another money and environment saving tip to strongly consider.

green swiffer cover
No matter where you live or what your financial situation happens to be, going green in the home is often a simple, cost-effective way to reduce your negative impact on the environment.  Do yourself, the environment, your family, and your bank account a favor by looking into other green home solutions as well, and start living a greener life today.

Contributor:  Anna Hicks

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