The Green Office Practices

green-officeSave Energy. If you work on an office with a computer as the central tool, it is being green to optimize its energy settings. Set your computer to energy-saving setting mode and be sure to shut it off when you leave the office. Avoid setting it in “standby mode” because in this setting it will continue draw power even when not in use. Along with this, printers, scanners, and other peripherals that are only used occasionally can be unplugged until they’re needed. And of course, turn off lights in spaces that are unoccupied.

Go Digital. Advancement of technology also advocates Green. Some say that the greenest paper is no longer paper at all, so keep things digital whenever possible. The more you practice online tasks, the less you need paper. Keep files on computers instead of storing them in file cabinets. A good advantage of this is the convenience of making backup copies or easily taking the files with you whenever you move to a new office. Also when reviewing documents, rather than printing them out and waste another paper why not review the documents onscreen. Sending emails instead of traditional paper letters is a huge contribution also.

Lunch Break. Bringing lunch to work in reusable containers is I guess the greenest and healthiest way to eat at work. If you do order delivery, avoid food deliveries and takeouts that use non biodegradable packagings. It’s a good practice also to bring in a reusable plate, utensils, and napkins in your office. And if you do go out for lunch, try walking instead of driving. It’s not only good for the environment; it’s also good for your health.

Use Green Materials. Some paper use can’t be avoided, so use recycled paper and envelopes that have been processed and colored using eco-friendly methods. Pens and pencils can also be made of recycled materials, and refillable pens and markers are preferable to disposable ones. Use biodegradable soaps and recycled paper or cloth towels in the bathroom and kitchen, and provide biodegradable cleaners for the custodial staff. Buy in bulk so that shipping and packaging waste are reduced, and reuse the shipping boxes.

Green Collars. You might be amazed how sharp work clothes from thrift stores can look. If you buy new, get clothes made with organic or recycled fibers. Avoid clothes that need to be dry cleaned, and if they so demand it, seek out your local “green” dry cleaner.

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  1. This article is chock-full of ideas on how to get in shape. I hope you don’t mind if I use certain paragraphs in my school report.

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