Earths Temperature According to NASA

Climate Time Machine, not your ordinary time machine that  is capable of bringing you to the past and change destiny. Hence, it is a joint project between NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab and the California Institute of Technology, NASA’s Climate Time Machine  is a web application that allows you to visualize recent changes on earth in dramatic detail.

Here’s one of its capabilities,  It can give you close to accurate visualization of the average temperature of our planet.

nasa temp 1

nasa temp 2

Average Global Temperature:
This color-coded map shows a progression of changing global surface temperatures from 1885 to 2007. Dark blue indicates areas cooler than average. Dark red indicates areas warmer than average.

Other capabilities of this Climate Time Machine are as follows:

Sea Ice:
This visualization shows the annual Arctic sea ice minimum from 1979 to 2007. At the end of each summer, the sea ice cover reaches its minimum extent, leaving what is called the perennial ice cover. The area of the perennial ice has been steadily decreasing since the satellite record began in 1979.

Sea Level:
Recent satellite observations have detected a thinning of parts of the Greenland ice sheet at lower elevations. A partial melting of this ice sheet would cause a 1-meter (3-foot) rise. If melted completely, the Greenland ice sheet contains enough water to raise sea level by 5-7 meters (16-23 feet). This visualization shows the effect on coastal regions for each meter of sea level rise, up to 6 meters (19.7 feet).

CO2 Emissions:
This visualization shows the amount of annual carbon dioxide emissions produced by the top 12 nations or regions from 1980-2004. Units are given in thousand metric tons of carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuel consumption.

Experience using this Climate Time Machine now.

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  1. phatneglo says:

    don’t worry soon on 2012, the milky way will block the Sun to the earth, and we will going to have a severe ice age, so better get ready.

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