Go Green with Green Insurance

Everyone is looking for ways to “go green”. In 90’s, going green meant recycling paper, glass, and plastic. Today, going green is changing our way of life. There are hundreds of different things that can be done to help our planet. Even corporations are getting involved. Some Holiday companies, for an additional fee, will plant trees in order to offset the emissions of carbon and other toxins caused by planes.

Some Grocery stores give incentives for those who reuse their plastic shopping bags. Some banks are now offering customers what they call “green accounts” that make contributions to various environment charities. It’s no surprise that car insurance are getting involved with going green.

For decades, driving using your vehicle was considered the worst thing you can do to the environment. Things have changed. All over the world, auto makers are releasing assortments of green cars ranging from small hybrid vehicles to cars that run on total electricity.

With green cars comes green insurance. One such insurance provider is The Green Insurance Company. This company promises to offset 100% of car emissions by planting trees. They also will give 5% of their company profits to charity, as well as offer discounts to drivers whose cars give off low emissions. The company follows the longtime philosophy of “reduce, recycle and reuse”. They also recycle the metal from cars that have been written off. This attitude marks the beginning of a new way of insurance companies offering incentives for drivers going green.

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