Green Batteries, Where Can I Get One?

The move from disposable to rechargeable batteries isn’t going as well as it might. Maybe it’s because the effort, on an individual basis, seems to have such a small impact. But the hundreds of thousands of discarded batteries sent to landfills every year are threatening the environment with toxic heavy metals.

green battery manufacturers

Environmentally friendly

A major issue with today’s batteries is the negative effect they have on the environment once thrown away. Non-rechargeable lithium batteries are considered an environmental hazard because they contain metals that can infiltrate the soil and reach water sources. Lithium-ion batteries are typically not considered as dangerous, though the European Union advises vendors to recycle them. However, at the moment the recycling process is slow and inefficient because of the costs involved.

An Alternative to Conventional Batteries

NiMH batteries are green batteries which are less harmful to the environment than conventional batteries because they do not contain toxic substances. In addition, they are recyclable and easy to procure.

By purchasing NiMH batteries instead of NiCD batteries you can contribute to the preservation of the planet. Now the question is where can one buy this kind of green battery? Please comment if you knew a green battery manufacturer in your place.

Which rechargeable green batteries are the most effective? Will quick charging really harm a battery? What is the best battery charger? If lithium-ion rechargeable batteries hold the best charge, why can’t you buy them in AA or AAA sizes?

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