Simple Things to Do to Cut Down Electricity Costs

The increase in electricity costs worldwide are at an all time high and its only going to get worse.

What can we do?

Look for the alternatives so you can save money and use it somewhere else. In order to cut down on electricity cost, you can take various measures which will not only cut down the bills but also increase the life of the appliances.

electricity costs

Lamps & Bulbs

Use recommended compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) / energy saving bulbs, so that you can save on electricity costs. These bulbs use one third of the energy used by the regular bulbs. This is the reason why it is useful to get CFL’s for various parts of your home. One of the important factors is that they are less expensive than other energy options. So, you will be able to cut down on your electricity costs. Common mistakes people make is to never turn lights off when not in use, or use a computer or work station with a fully lit room when in fact you only need light were you are sat. Try 60 watts instead of 100 watts, sounds simple but its a 40% save on electricity costs.

Turn Off

Take some small actions in your daily routine by turning off or unplugging unused appliances.

TV’s in stand-by keep drawing the power all the time. They come to the end of their life quicker than when they are unplugged. Chargers of cell phone and game systems left plugged in will constantly consume electricity. This is one of the effective methods to save electric usage. If you are not using the computer, you must switch it off. You must switch off the monitor as well. This will save the electricity costs as well. Natural light use it, its free., don’t switch on the lights till its dark and you will save again on electricity costs.

Furthermore you will be making a huge positive step to protecting the environment by reducing your carbon footprint and this will certainly impress your children and probably your neighbors and friends. So why not join the Clean and Green brigade and become a local eco-warrior and save on electricity costs.

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