BMW Screensaver that will save the Planet

The world is going green with massive projects and green initiatives, but the small inefficiencies in our daily lives that cause wastage are often ignored; even something as simple as the way we browse the web can have an impact on the energy we use. For example, how much energy would you save if you used Google in black? does just this, and to-date has saved 3,165 kWh of electricity. That’s enough to run every escalator across the London Underground for an hour; just for viewing a website in eco pro planetoverhaul
BMW is pioneering automobile energy savings with a simple belief; that environmental savings can be achieved without compromising driving pleasure. And it’s on the back of this fundamental belief that BMW has partnered with Antics Studios and Naga DDB to create an app that brings a new and unique approach to saving energy right here in Malaysia.

The result is The BMW ECO PRO Screensaver, an app that uses facial recognition to turn your screen off when you’re not at your desk and on again automatically when you return. The effects are dramatic; average energy consumption on an idling laptop can be reduced by 693.99 watts, an 89.97% reduction from the regular default settings on a computer. If every webcam-enabled PC installed the app, annual energy savings could total to 200 million kW, Carbon dioxide emissions could reduce by 36 tonnes, yielding savings of RM 145 million.

Most importantly it allows people to generate cumulative energy savings without making adjustments to your usual habits. The technology does all the work for you.

From computing back to cars, the new app mirrors BMW’s new auto start/stop engine that shuts the engine off when you’ve stopped your car – at say, a red light – and turns back on when you’re ready to go, reducing your energy consumption & carbon footprint.

Check out the BMW Eco Pro Screensaver app now, and contribute to a greener future.



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