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Basic Information about Electricity Cost

Electricity Cost principles involve looking at how much electricity consumption and we have to understand how it’s measured.¬†Electricity Cost is determined at any moment and is measured in watts consumed. For example: A 100-watt light bulb uses 100 watts A typical desktop computer uses 65 watts A central air conditioner uses about 3500 watts To […]

The Coming of Fuel Cells Powered MacBooks

Will fuel cells be the next big thing for laptop batteries? Apple is looking into this possibility as a patent application reveals. Apple Insider¬†reports that two Apple patent applications published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office show that the company is interested in fuel cells — the titles of the applications are “Fuel Cell […]

Google, KRR end 2011 with new investment in solar power

Google Inc. is ending the year with another clean energy investment together with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. by investing in four solar farms to provide enough electricity for about 13,000 homes inCalifornia. Google’s $94 million is the internet giant’s first in grid-connected photovoltaic solar power investment. This latest investment brings Google’s total clean power […]

All About Smart Meters

What are smart meters? A smart meter is a new type of electricity or gas meter. The old-fashioned meters in most homes today do nothing more than keep track of total energy consumption on a dial on the meter. By contrast, smart meters can transmit and receive data to and from the electricity company. Among […]

Go Green with Green Insurance

Everyone is looking for ways to “go green”. In 90’s, going green meant recycling paper, glass, and plastic. Today, going green is changing our way of life. There are hundreds of different things that can be done to help our planet. Even corporations are getting involved. Some Holiday companies, for an additional fee, will plant […]

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