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Guidelines on Building a Solar Car

Building a solar car is a very ambitious goal, but one that is achievable through hard work and commitment. One of the first things to do is to organize a group of people interested in building a car, and planning a specific goal. How much money will you need to build a solar car? If […]

Nissan Unveils Zero-Emission Hatchback “Leaf”

Nissan Motor Co took the wraps off its much-awaited electric car on Sunday, naming the hatchback “Leaf” and taking a step toward its goal of leading the industry in the zero-emissions field. Japan’s No.3 automaker and its French partner, Renault SA, have been the most aggressive proponents of pure electric vehicles in the auto industry, […]

CR-Z, Honda’s Newest Hybrid Car

Honda’s hybrid strategy is always fascinating. The company roiled Toyota by disrupting its serene 2010 Prius launch with news that its Insight four-seater would retail for less than $20,000, forcing Toyota to delay Prius pricing. Honda has always said it was aiming to put a whole field of hybrids on the market, and now it’s […]

Water-cooled IBM Supercomputer available by 2010

Zurich, Switzerland – Aiming to cut emissions from data centers, IBM has unveiled a new high performance computer that uses water for cooling. The Aquasar supercomputer will be located at the ETH Zurich facility, and it will start operations next year, the partners said in an announcement on Tuesday. The supercomputer will combine two rack-mounted […]

IBM Says New Modular Data Centers Can Reduce 50%Energy Use

Last year, IBM said that a new modular data center can slash energy use by 50 percent. Below is the actual news about the issue. “A new IBM modular data center that mimics the power and energy efficiency of IBM’s computing hubs can reduce energy costs by up to 50 percent, the company says. IBM […]

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