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Solar Decathlon Winner for 2009

First let me give you a brief background of what Solar Decathlon is. It is a competition hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy for the purpose of raising awareness among the general public about renewable energy and energy efficiency, and how solar energy technologies can reduce energy usage. In this competition, 20 teams of […]

Salvation and Profit in Greentechnology by John Doerr

I must admit that i’m entirely a neophyte in the industry of World Wide Web. But one thing i realize that internet is a very powerful medium against other traditional media out there. One friend of mine shared this video that made me really inspired to continue my mission in overhauling the Planet. And i […]

Global Warming Magnificent Video

I just want to share this magnificent video, an Israeli ad about global warming. And I guess the video itself will speak for it’s essence to mankind. For the team who created of this great ad, I salute you. This masterpiece is worth to share to all my readers and to the whole world. Director […]

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