Top 3 Green Gadgets Must Have

Are you a techie person but want to help the planet on recovering from destruction? Yes! Destruction due to climate change. Aren’t you aware that the sudden change of weather was brought by climate change? Now you know. If you are that person, I strongly suggest the following green gadgets that you should have.

Climate Change – The Coming Crisis

While many contend that there are different reasons behind the changing of our climate, few can deny that our planet is going through a period of immense changes. While some may discredit the science, global warming is one of the main hypothesis for why our planet is heating up. In this article, we’ll try to […]

Salvation and Profit in Greentechnology by John Doerr

I must admit that i’m entirely a neophyte in the industry of World Wide Web. But one thing i realize that internet is a very powerful medium against other traditional media out there. One friend of mine shared this video that made me really inspired to continue my mission in overhauling the Planet. And i […]

Children & Climate Change: Some Facts

More than 46% of the world’s population is now younger than 25 years old. Source: UNICEF UK Climate Change Report 2008 Approximately 175 million children will be affected by climate change induced natural disasters every year over the next decade. This is 50 million more than during the ten years to 2005. Source: Legacy of […]

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