Top 3 Green Gadgets Must Have

Are you a techie person but want to help the planet on recovering from destruction? Yes! Destruction due to climate change. Aren’t you aware that the sudden change of weather was brought by climate change? Now you know. If you are that person, I strongly suggest the following green gadgets that you should have.
1. The Dell Studio Hybrid
The Dell Studio Hybrid is our Greenest Desktop” This is the headline you’ll find on dell’s websitethe moment you search for this model and it has every right to be called an energy-efficient gadget.According to the company, it uses an energy efficient Intel Core Duo Processor, contains with75% less written documentation than other desktops and comes, of course, packed in recyclable materials. The prices for such a desktop vary between $500 and $1,000.
2. The Bedol Water-Powered Clock
This amazing clock works on nothing but… water! The salty water (you can add lemon juice ifnecessary) corrodes the clock’s electrodes, generating electricity rates. It actually comes in a wide varietyof shapes and sizes, so don’t expect it to look geeky. Prices range between $20 and $40, a small priceto pay if you’re short on cash but still want something to keep the green flame burning inside you.
3. Philips Eco TV
If you ever wondered whether eco-friendly LCDs exist (we all know how much power they consumecompared to regular TVs), look no further than the Philips Eco TV. Its main eco-feature is the abilityto dim the lights whenever it detects the environmental light has dimmed. This way it uses lesspower in darker rooms than regular LCDs.

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